So? What can I do for you? Many doulas have various packages that they offer. I have me. I like to tailor make what I provide for each woman, each family individually, depending on their needs. Typically I offer three prenatal meetings, (after the initial coffee meeting/interview) and one postpartum. Some women may need more and that can be arranged. I am available by phone/text and email all the time and will come to you as soon as you are in labor. We can labour in your home for as long as you feel comfortable doing so or I can meet you at the hospital. If you want pictures taken during your labour and birth I can certainly do that as long as you realize that my first concern is you and your comfort. I stay with you until baby is born and you are resting comfortably. During your labour we can employ any number things to help ease the pain of labour. Massage, hot/cold therapy, aromatherapy, relaxation, breathing. positioning, there are many things we can try. There are also the medical options available from the hospital.  I have supported many women who planned to have medication and/or epidurals during their birth. My agenda is never to try and make you have a natural birth, my job, my wish, is to help you and whomever you have with you in the delivery room,  have the best experience possible. If you want to try and have a drug free birth I will do my utmost to help you achieve that and if you want and epidural I will try and get you one in a parking lot. This is about YOU. YOUR BODY, YOUR BABY, YOUR BIRTH!