What is Birth?

What is birth?

Birth is miraculous.

Birth is hard work.

Birth is beautiful.

Birth is bloody and ugly and full of fluids.

Birth is long and sweaty.

Birth is fast and furious.

Birth is quiet and filled with whispers of the universe.

Birth is loud with roars of lions and bears.

Birth is unpredictable.

Birth is full of highs and lows and will always, always take you by surprise.

The more births I am at the less I realize I actually know about birth.  

I love birth.  From the first time I gave birth I loved it. Birth creates families.  It creates mothers and fathers, big brothers and big sisters, grandmas and grandpas, aunties and uncles and cousins.

Birth has changed and evolved from giving birth at home with the hopefully the area “midwife” but possibly just the neighbor lady or you mother or even just your oldest daughter for help. To giving birth in hospitals with more interventions than some of us want and we seek to take that back. We want more control over our births. We have the right to birth how we want, where we want and in any position we want.

Take birth back.



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