What do I write about?!?

So what am I supposed to write about?  Doulaing, women, birth, babies, kids, parenting, life? Is this supposed to be cathartic? Get me more business or just get more traffic to my site. If I ever get it built.  Augh!!!!

It didn’t used to be this hard. Back when I first started out simply having a Kijiji add and then a website was all you really needed but now? Apparently I need to have a facebook page, twitter account, Instagram, a youtube channel and who knows what else.  It is daunting and exhausting. I need to identify my target market, and make sure I am staying true to my brand.  It’s a little mind boggling to me and I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t get it.

I love what I do. I love supporting women and families. Watching women become mothers and men become fathers.  Watching families grow and multiply in numbers and love. It is seldom an easy job.  Some days it is down right brutal.  Long hours, sleepless nights, some births I witness things that make me want to scream and yell and punch someone…but those experiences are overwhelmed by the  miracle of birth. The beauty, the joy the wonder of it. And by the knowledge that I can help, make a difference, hold the space even just a little.

So I guess I will write about all those things. Doulaing, women, birth, babies, kids, parenting life, and whatever else happens to  come to mind. And make a difference.

I can do this.




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